The 1st Conference On Software Quality was held on 5th and 6th March 2010 in Pune, India. The conference is an independent event on software quality & testing and is the place to be, to learn the latest in the software testing & software QA world while meeting with like-minded individuals from across the industry.

Click here to check out the sessions at conference 2010. Topics include Software Penetration Testing, Agile Testing, Testability Design Patterns, Performance & Automation Testing and Testing Flex Web Applications.

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Please find presentations for the 1st IndicThreads Conference On Software Quality below. In the Slideshare widget below, click the session name on the right and the corresponding slides will appear in the left panel.

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Feel free to share / embed the presentations, which are available under a “Creative Commons Attribution – No Derivates ” license.

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After years of delivering Java conferences & content, excited about the maiden IndicThreads Conference on Software Quality. Pleased with the way the conference has shaped up & the response from the software testing & QA community. Having said that, we are still very much at work to ensure that the next 2 days deliver top ‘quality‘ learning and an environment conducive to open discussions.

If you haven’t already checked it out, do have a look at the speakers, sessions & schedule for the 1st IndicThreads Conference On Software Quality. We still do have a few seats left but I am pretty optimistic of filling them up today. In case you are considering registering, head over to Do note that ‘at the venue’ registrations are pricier than the current reg rate.

Speaker : Basant Chandran, Indira Pai
With the fantastic growth of mobile computing platforms such as the iPhone, Blackberry,Symbian, J2ME, Windows Mobile and Android environments, there has been a dramatic increase in the value of mobile applications for most companies.
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So you are thinking about registering for the conference but you aren’t yet convinced.

Maybe there’s a nephew’s birthday around that time or you just realized that 6th was a “Saturday”, the day you take your kid to the movies. Or maybe the reason is more routine like “The project is in fire-fighting mode. I can’t spare a minute.” .

There are always reasons and excuses that stop you from doing things that you know you should be doing. In the software industry the easiest way to get into trouble is to stop learning.
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Check out the erudite and colourful list of speakers at conference 2010, from snake wranglers to agile gurus 🙂

Sessions at conference 2010 deal with topics like Penetration Testing, Agile Testing, Designing for Testability, Software Security, Performance Testing, Automation, Best Practices & more. Visit the sessions page for details. Register now to grab your seat.

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