Speaker : Anil Karade
Traditional test processes are not adaptive to extensive changes in software. Agile process emphasizes on ability to adapt to changing business needs, customer collaboration, integrated teams and frequent delivery of business values. Agile is an umbrella term that describes a variety of methods including XP and Scrum.

The talk will discuss pitfalls of the traditional testing process. Traditional testing process happens very late in the SDLC where as Agile process focuses on test-first approach. The talk will explain benefits of going agile.

Principles and practices of agile process will be discussed and agile methodologies Scrum and Extreme Programming will be discussed in detail.

Purpose of Scrum, its effectiveness, timings and managing the scrum will be discussed. Some of the practices for XP like Pair Programming, Test Driven Development will be discussed. The Talk will also cover the QA role in agile world. The talk will cover the implementation issues while shifting from traditional to agile process. Talk will also include an interactive game for illustration of concepts..

This session on “Agile Testing – Principles and Practices” will be presented at the 1st IndicThreads.com Conference On Software Quality Assurance and Software Testing to be held in Pune, India on 5,6 March 2010.Click here for a list of other Sessions @ The Conference

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