Speaker : Nikhil Fernandes, Chirag Doshi

Many of the testers understand the importance of automated tests which can test the system end to end. There are plenty of tools like Selenium, Watir, White etc. which allow you to drive your web or desktop ui for these tests. The intention of these tests is to mimic the user’s interaction with the system and automatically validate that he could achieve his goals.

Considering this, wouldnt it make sense for tests to talk the same language that an end user understands. Although, When we look around today most of the functional tests talk the language that the browser understands, it goes click button A, enter value in textfield B etc.

In this session we will share various approaches which allow you to build tests which an end user can understand and maybe even participate in writing.

Problems with the usual approach of end-to-end writing tests

**Too verbose,  **Too Technical (talk the language of DOM, HTML),  **Doesnt convey intent

Benefits of writing tests in the end user’s language

** Better readability, ** Tests become more modular, ** Potential to reuse module across tests,  ** Ability for end users/ Customers/ Business Analysts to write tests and validate them

Ways to achieve this

** Build a fluent interface in your test script framework,  ** Use tools like Cucumber which let you write tests in business understandable simple and plain english, ** Use tools like Twist which provide IDE support while writing these plain english test suites

Key Takeaways

Learn about a different philosophy of writing end to end tests, Learn the benefits of tests writing in a business understandable language, Learn how current tools make it so easy to do

This session on “Write Tests in End Users’ Lingo” will be presented at the 1st IndicThreads.com Conference On Software Quality Assurance and Software Testing to be held in Pune, India on 5,6 March 2010.Click here for a list of other Sessions @ The Conference

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