Please find presentations for the 1st IndicThreads Conference On Software Quality below. In the Slideshare widget below, click the session name on the right and the corresponding slides will appear in the left panel.

In case you wish to download the slides, click on “Menu” and choose “Download” or click on the “View On Slideshare” button and on that page select “Download”.

Feel free to share / embed the presentations, which are available under a “Creative Commons Attribution – No Derivates ” license.

Advanced Penetration Testing

Speaker : Amarendra Godbole

Agile Testing – Principles and Practices

Speaker : Anil Karade

Designing Software For Testability: A forgotten design pattern

Speaker :Rohit Nayak

Performance and Automation Testing using Apache Jmeter for Agile Environment

Speaker : Sameer Naik , Prasad Nirantar

Smarter Sprint Cycles , Better deliverables

Speaker : Suma Shastry

Test Automation in Flex

Speaker : Richa Sharma

Testing Techniques for Mobile Applications

Speaker : Indira Pai, Basant Chandran

Web Test Automation Framework with Open Source Tools powered by Google WebDriver

Speaker :Nikhil Bhandari, Kapil Bhalla

Write Tests in End Users’ Lingo

Speaker : Nikhil Fernandes, Chirag Doshi

**Speakers and sessions are listed on the site only after confirmation. However please note that the sessions, speakers and schedules are subject to change

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