Mar 06

Please find presentations for the 1st IndicThreads Conference On Software Quality below. In the Slideshare widget below, click the session name on the right and the corresponding slides will appear in the left panel.

In case you wish to download the slides, click on “Menu” and choose “Download” or click on the “View On Slideshare” button and on that page select “Download”.

Feel free to share / embed the presentations, which are available under a “Creative Commons Attribution – No Derivates ” license.

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Mar 03
Speaker : Basant Chandran, Indira Pai
With the fantastic growth of mobile computing platforms such as the iPhone, Blackberry,Symbian, J2ME, Windows Mobile and Android environments, there has been a dramatic increase in the value of mobile applications for most companies.
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Feb 15
Speaker : Anil Karade
Traditional test processes are not adaptive to extensive changes in software. Agile process emphasizes on ability to adapt to changing business needs, customer collaboration, integrated teams and frequent delivery of business values. Agile is an umbrella term that describes a variety of methods including XP and Scrum.

The talk will discuss pitfalls of the traditional testing process. Traditional testing process happens very late in the SDLC where as Agile process focuses on test-first approach. The talk will explain benefits of going agile.

Principles and practices of agile process will be discussed and agile methodologies Scrum and Extreme Programming will be discussed in detail. Continue reading »

Feb 15
Speaker : Richa Sharma

Flex is a highly productive, free open source framework for building and maintaining expressive web applications that deploy consistently on all major browsers, desktops, and operating systems.

Test Automation involves automation design and execution of automated tests. The Flex test automation feature provides developers with the ability to create Flex applications that use the automation APIs. These APIs can be used to create automation agents or to ensure that applications are ready for testing.
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Feb 15
Speaker : Nikhil Fernandes, Chirag Doshi

Many of the testers understand the importance of automated tests which can test the system end to end. There are plenty of tools like Selenium, Watir, White etc. which allow you to drive your web or desktop ui for these tests. The intention of these tests is to mimic the user’s interaction with the system and automatically validate that he could achieve his goals. Continue reading »

Feb 15
Speaker : Suma Shastry

Many a times, we see that a single team is responsible for development, QA and support for the product. It’s a challenging environment when multiple fix packs for older versions and a fresh new release goes in parallel and the team has recently adapted to agile practices.

In this session, I would detail out a case study and highlight the challenges we faced in our early sprint cycles, how we learnt lessons and applied them to the next sprints and effectively improved upon our deliverables.
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